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The technique to get the broken, defective, loose and deficient meters supplanted with the finely meeting expectations meters is clarified beneath:-

On the date concluded both by the organization and purchaser, a group from the organization will take a swing at the customer area to check the protestation enrolled by the shopper about the flawed meters and in the wake of making the confirmation, a report is arranged by the group about the current meter.

In light of the report, the group chooses whether the meter substitution is obliged or not. In the event that the meter must be changed the BSES replaces the meter with new meter.

Alternate warnings of the transport bar and administration line is made.

The shopper incase is not fulfilled by the exactness of the meter can then get the meter tried either by the BSES individual or by the free research centers as specified by the DERC.

  • Meter Testing companies listed and approved by NABL in Delhi:-

    • Electronic Regional Test Labs located in S-Block of Okhla Industrial area in Phase-2 of New Delhi

    • National Physical Lab situated on Dr. K.S. Krishnan Marg in Rajinder Place

    • BYPL Labs located close to Local Shopping Center in the Main Market of Savita Vihar.

    • BRPL Labs situated in Sub-Station-15 in Sector-7 of Pushpa Vihar

    • Nominated trained electricians by BSES.

  • Refer to the listed below points
    • Specifications for single phase meter

    • Specifications for three phase meter

    • High Court order on replacement of Electro-Mechanical Meter to Electronic Meter

    • Always ask for the valid ID card from any employee of BSES who visits the area and especially look for Synergy Jul-Aug2010.Ask for I-Card

    • There is no cost levied for getting a meter installed in most of the cases. The team visiting the consumer premises must never be paid any money for meter installation.

    • Checks to made by the consumer after the meter is replaced:-

      • A signed Meter Change Report that contains data of MCR.

      • Ensure the actions done for the electrical wiring as furtive by the BSES team. The team of BSES who have proper training for checking the in-house wiring.

      • Note the name for BYPL RWA Electrician who have been trained under BSES

      • Name of BRPL RWA Electrician who have been nominated to be trained by BSES.