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What is Pay by Phone?

BRPL/BYPL has begun offering profoundly advantageous bill installment choice called Pay by Phone through its coordination with the Billdesk. You recently need to utilize your credit/charge card or other installment making choices from auto charge from bank to web managing an account alternatives whatever you discover suitable.

When installment is carried out, you promptly get an exchange affirmation through the Transaction Reference Number immediately.

How can it function?

Fill the enrollment structure and afterward submit it to the concerned client forethought focus on the off chance that you are ready to profit such Pay by Phone administration. This methodology is not repeatable and is an one time convention to get it enrolled for future exchanges:

Billdesk must be given the installment guideline you need to make month to month for that telephone points of interest are needed for SMS installment administrations.

On the off chance that Autopay is picked, then your bank/charge card record gets auto charged month to month on the due date.

What are the Advantages of Pay by telephone?

Comfort: If your decision is through web pay, SMS or a telephone installment alternative, then it is an advantageous choice to pay from anyplace. Auto Debit from bank/charge card record is carried out while standing guidelines are situated for such installments.

Free Service: No charges are required for the administrations come up short on by Phone alternative.

Adaptability: You have adaptability for making installments through Pay by Phone benefit that provides for you decision to choose any of the installment making choices from Phone Internet to SMS as well as Visa/bank Auto Debit et al.

How would I Register for Pay by telephone?

Make an approach the number 011-39999707/39999808 to get an enrollment structure from us. Check our site or approach the client forethought focus to acquire these structures on the off chance that you like so. When your structure is filled, the following step is to go to the closest client consideration focus or visit a drop box to submit the structure there. Filled enrollment structure is sent to the particular banks for support purposes. Pay by Phone Service is initiated in couple of days inside three working days once bank favors the structure. Such enrollment affirmations are additionally hinted through Email/SMS on the off chance that the candidate gives portable number and email id for that reason. Those clients picking an administration to make installments through web are given a secret word on enrolled email to use to make the online installments quickly.

After enlistment, in what manner would I be able to pay my charge consistently utilizing Pay by telephone?


Due Date and Bill Amount data is imparted to client by SMS upon the era of another bill as an alarm through SMS days before the real bill creates or charging date happens.

SMS is additionally sent to advise about the achievement or disappointment of installment done/not done as an issue installment affirmation for the record charges.

It normally takes 5 working days to redesign the BSES account after installments.

By Phone

You continue getting bills according to the set calendar.

Approach Billdesk by approaching 011-46869000 from 9.30 am and 6.00 pm on meeting expectations days.

Give bill subtle elements to the issuance of an installment direction via telephone itself.

Exceptional exchange ID is produced in a split second for future reference of installment done/not done.

It takes greatest 2 working days to charge the bill sum from the ledger.

It takes 5 working days to overhaul the bill sum paid points of interest.

Verify you give the installment guideline no less than 5 days ahead of time to accomplish it without confronting any bother.

By Internet

An email is sent for new bill alarms.

Visit site.

Utilize your login id which is your email and secret key to log for this administration.

On the off chance that, there is a bill, then it is indicated there for due installment points of interest.

Select any financial balance enrolled with it and click on pay for moment installment.

It may take two days to charge bill sum from your bank for the bill to be paid.

It normally takes 5 working days to upgrade the BSES represent installments done reflection.

Make a point to try for online installment alternative no less than 5 working days before bill installment due date for the installments at the right crossroads.

Via Auto Debit to your bank/charge card account

Aggregate bill sum would be paid naturally consistently from the Visa/ledger you had enrolled for that reason.

Charging of installments may be dependent upon 3 working days before your installment's expected date.

Guarantee to have sufficient finances in your financial balance for bother free installment making.

BSES records are generally redesigned by due dates just.

You get cautions for new bills and installment made adaptations through SMS and email on the off chance that you had offered telephone number and email id for such purposes.

How would I get my Payment Confirmation?

An email or SMS is sent to illuminate the installment made in the event that you had submitted your versatile number and email id for that specific reason.

Check the most recent upgrade of installment made for compliance inside 5 working days from the installment is made by going by site for point by point affirmation.

The following bill sent additionally affirms the past installment made subtle elements.

Installment affirmation can likewise be carried out via telephone by calling Billdesk on 011- 46869000 to get most recent data on installment affirmation.

Could I pay my energy bill without enrolling?

By keeping in view the wellbeing and security of shoppers having enlisted as clients are offered consent to profit such administrations and make installments for which their charge cards/ledgers are preregistered.

Would I be able to pay my by Pay by Phone (SMS and Phone Pay) on the due date and not get charged late installment extra charge (LPSC)?

To guarantee that purchasers don't confront any security break issues, they are encouraged to enroll first. That is the reason just enlisted clients are encouraged to utilize